Wichita Wild
Founded 2006
League Independent (2007)
UIF (2008)
IFL (2009-present)
History Wichita Wild (2007-present)
Arena Hartman Arena
City Park City, Kansas
Team colors Black, orange, and white
Owner Wink Hartman
General manager John Blazek
Head coach Morris Lolar

The Wichita Wild is a professional indoor football team located in Wichita, Kansas. The wild plays in the Indoor Football League. The Wild Host their home games in Park City, Kansas at the Hartman Arena.

2007 seasonEdit

They began play in 2007 as an independent organization playing all games at home against semi-pro opponents from the mid-west. They played their home games at the Kansas Coliseum, which was also home to the CHL's Wichita Thunder before their move to the Intrust Bank Arena in 2010. The Wichita wild went undefeated with a record of 9 wins and no losses.

2008 seasonEdit

In 2008, they competed in the UIF. The UIF the next season merged with the Intense Football League to form the Indoor Football League. They played their home games at the Kansas Coliseum in Wichita, Kansas.

Date Team Result
03/08/08 Sioux City Bandits L 23-31
03/15/08 River City Rage L 25-26
03/22/08 @Bloomington L 38-59
04/05/08 Bloomington Extreme L 35-44
04/10/08 Omaha Beef L 24-31
04/19/08 @River City Rage W 22-15
04/26/08 @Billings Outlaws L 13-55
05/03/08 @Omaha Beef L 16-67
05/10/08 @Colorado Ice W 35-31
05/17/08 @Sioux Falls Storm L 14-57
04/24/08 River City Rage L 13-41
05/31/08 Omaha Beef L 6-54
06/07/08 Billings Outlaws L 31-58
06/13/08 @Colorado Ice L 24-56

2009 seasonEdit

In 2009, The wild proved themselves to be a well established indoor football team. In the 2009 season they won numerous awards i.e. Franchise of the Year and they made the playoffs for the first time ever, just falling one game shy of the championship. The Wild was crowned Indoor Football League Central division champions. They also locally set a season ticket sales record. Running back Darius Fudge set several personal records and along with wide out Clinton Solomon both were named player of the week. The signing of quarterback Dixie Wooten had a huge effect on the Wild, boosting them into a playoff berth and falling one game shy of the United Bowl against Dixie Wooten's former team, the RiverCity Rage.

Date Team Result
03/20/09 @Omaha L 36-41
04/04/09 Sioux Falls Storm L 41-45
04/11/09 River City Rage W 56-40
04/18/09 @River City Rage L 31-52
04/25/09 @Sioux City Bandits L 28-30
05/02/09 Abilene RuffRiders W 49-33
05/09/09 @San Angelo Stampede W 48-35
05/16/09 @Sioux Falls Storm L 21-49
05/23/09 Odessa Roughnecks W 62-42
05/30/09 @Sioux City Bandits W 39-29
06/06/09 @Bloomington Extreme L 34-38
06/13/09 Omaha Beef W 39-37
06/27/09 River City Rage W 73-33
07/02/09 Alaska Wild W 76-9


@Bloomington Extreme W 46-37
@ Omaha Beef W 39-34
@ River City Rage L 30-43

2010 seasonEdit

For the new season the Wild have returned last years stars in Dixie Wooten, Clinton Soloman, and Darius Fudge. The Wichita Wild Season opener was February, 26 at the Hartman Arena.The wild sold out for the first time in franchise history. A crowd of 4,755 attended and watched the wild snag their first win of the 2010 season. After an 8-4 start to the 2010 Indoor Football League season the Wichita Wild Clinched their second playoff berth in franchise history.

Date Team Result
2/26/10 La Crosse Spartans W 57-20
3/13/10 Sioux Falls Storm W 90-40
3/20/10 Colorado Ice W 54-40
3/29/10 @Omaha Beef W 57-47
4/03/10 @Sioux Falls Storm W 44-26
4/10/10 Omaha Beef W 56-50
4/17/10 Sioux Falls Storm L 27-34
5/01/10 @Sioux City Bandits L 47-48
5/09/10 @Colorado Ice W 32-30
5/15/10 @Sioux City Bandits W 53-44
5/22/10 San Angelo Stampede Express W 42-35
6/05/10 @Green Bay Blizzard L 38-40
6/12/10 Sioux City Bandits W 67-17
6/19/10 @Omaha Beef L 31-48
2010 Playoffs
06/26/2010 Bloomington Extreme W 61-48
07/02/2010 Rochester Raiders W 45-33
07/10/2010 @Sioux Falls Storm w 75-34

2011 SeasonEdit

The off season saw the departure of longtime GM Mike McCoy to the Nebraska Danger in Grand Island, NE. The wild also returned many star players including Darius Fudge, Clinton Solomon, and Randy Kelly. This off season the wild also did not resign Dixie Wooten. They brought in IFL rookies Alex Rouse and Shane Mascarenas. Rouse had a season ending injury in the first game and Mascarenas played Qb periodicly through the first half of the season. Midway through they signed rookie Phil Staback who was able to lead the Wild to a 5-2 record with him starting.

Date Team Score
03/07/2011 @Nebraska Danger L 59-70
03/12/2011 Green Bay Blizzard L 41-55
03/26/2011 Sioux Falls Storm L 20-92
04/01/2011 W. Texas Roughnecks L 47-54
04/09/2011 @Omaha Beef L 24-36
04/16/2011 Amarillo Venom W 56-34
04/23/2011 @Allen Wranglers L 44-56
04/29/2011 @Bloomington Extreme W 20-18
05/07/2011 @Oklahoma City W 51-14
05/14/2011 Omaha Beef L 44-48
05/21/2011 @W. Texas Roughnecks W 22-21
05/28/2011 @Sioux Falls Storm L 16-78
06/04/2011 Nebraska Danger W 65-22
06/11/2011 Bloomington Extreme W 62-22

Add features and mediaEdit

vs OpponentEdit

Abilene Ruff Riders (1-0) (1-0) (0-0) (0-0)
Alaska Wild (1-0) (1-0) (0-0) (0-0)
Billings Outlaws (0-2) (0-1) (0-1) (0-0)
Bloomington Extreme (2-3) (1-1) (1-2) (2-0)
Colorado Ice (3-1) (1-0) (2-1) (0-0)
Green Bay Blizzard (0-1) (0-0) (0-1) (0-0)
La Crosse Spartans (1-0) (1-0) (0-0) (0-0)
West Texas Roughnecks* (1-0) (1-0) (0-0) (0-0)
Omaha Beef (4-5) (2-2) (2-3) (1-0)
RiverCity Rage (3-4) (2-3) (1-1) (0-1)
Rochester Raiders (1-0) (1-0) (0-0) (1-0)
San Angelo Stampede (2-0) (1-0) (1-0) (0-0)
Sioux City Bandits (3-3) (1-1) (2-2) (0-0)
Sioux Falls Storm (1-6) (0-3) (1-3) (0-1)
  • = was named the Odessa Roughnecks on 05/23/09 when Wichita won 62-42


Wichita Wild roster
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Running Backs

Wide Receivers

Offensive Linemen

Defensive Linemen


Defensive Backs


Multiple Positions

Injured Reserve
  • Currently vacant

Exempt List

  • Currently vacant

Practice Squad

  • Currently vacant

Rookies in italics

Roster updated February 15, 2010</br>

36 Active, 0 Inactive, 0 PS

? More rosters

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