The Reading Express are a professional indoor football team based out of Reading, Pennsylvania. They are a member of the Indoor Football League, having begun play as a member of the American Indoor Football League 2006. They play their home games at the Sovereign Center.

On Sunday, March 26, 2006, the Express won the AIFL's very first overtime game 41-38 against the Johnstown Riverhawks on the road, as kicker Erik Rockhold booted the game-winning 45-yard field goal.

On Friday, May 12, 2006, the Express managed to knock the Erie Freeze out of the #1 spot in the conference by getting revenge 59-48.

At the end of their inaugural year, the Express held the highest record in the AIFL's Northern Conference, at 12-2. This, however, was padded by two games against amateur outdoor franchises-- the Cumberland Cardinals and a team known as the Philadelphia Scorpions, both of which were blowouts.

In the opening round of the 2006 AIFL Playoffs, the Express managed to knock out the fourth-seeded Huntington Heroes with a 56-23 victory. In the Northern Conference championship game, they faced the second-seeded Canton Legends for the Northern Conference title and a chance to participate in the American Bowl. Unfortunately, the Express got derailed as they got shut out in the second half and fell 44-24. Even though they fell one game shy of the league championship, it wasn't a total loss. WR Carmelo Ocasio was named the 2006 Northern Conference Offensive MVP.[1].

In the 2007 season, now part of the AIFL's reorganized form (the American Indoor Football Association), the Express built on their success in the previous season, finishing a league-best 14-2 in the regular season, defeating the Pittsburgh RiverRats 42-24 in the first round, and defeating the Canton Legends 66-51 to claim the Northern Conference Championship and earn a trip to AIFA Championship Bowl I at the Florence Civic Center. Unfortunately, the Express got derailed yet again, losing to the Lakeland Thunderbolts 54-49.

In the 2009 season, the Express had another fantastic season, finishing the regular season 11-3, defeating the Baltimore Mariners 50-20 in the first round, and defeating the Columbus Lions 60-51 in the conference championship game to earn another berth in the AIFA Championship Bowl III in Casper, Wyoming. This time in the title game, the Express were overpowering and they defeated the Wyoming Calvary 65-42 to win their first AIFA championship.

For 2011, the Express have left the AIFA and are moving to the Indoor Football League.

Season SchedulesEdit

2007 Season ScheduleEdit

Date Opponent Home/Away Result
February 18 Pittsburgh RiverRats Away Won 35-28
February 25 Erie Freeze Home Won 46-38
March 3 Tallahassee Titans Away Lost 37-47
March 10 Baltimore Blackbirds Home Won 78-6
March 16 Erie Freeze Away Won 50-35
March 23 Canton Legends Away Won 50-19
March 31 Huntington Heroes Home Won 48-18
April 7 Johnstown Riverhawks Away Won 55-33
April 14 Canton Legends Home Won 63-56
April 21 Danville Demolition Away Won 56-42
April 28 Montgomery Bears Home Won 73-57
May 6 Pittsburgh RiverRats Home Won 57-40
May 12 Johnstown Riverhawks Home Won 76-16
May 19 Huntington Heroes Away Lost 29-42
May 21 Baltimore Blackbirds Away Won 58-32
June 2 Danville Demolition Home Won 83-41
June 9 Pittsburgh RiverRats (Playoffs) Home Won 42-24
June 16 Canton Legends (Playoffs) Home Won 66-51
June 23 Lakeland Thunderbolts (Championship Bowl I) Neutral (Florence) Lost 49-54

2008 Season ScheduleEdit

Date Opponent Home/Away Result
March 8 Baltimore Mariners Home Won 36-27
March 15 Carolina Speed Away Lost 17-49
March 22 Arizona Adrenaline (Exhibition) Home Won 47-43
March 29 Erie RiverRats Away Won 44-34
April 5 Huntington Heroes Home Won 57-38
April 12 Columbus Lions Away Loss 50-25
April 19 Florence Phantoms Home Won 66-30
April 25 Canton Legends Home Won 36-7
May 10 Canton Legends Away Won 50-48
May 17 Fayetteville Guard Home Won 51-24
May 24 Baltimore Mariners Home Won 49-27
May 31 Huntington Heroes Away Loss 50-41
June 7 Erie RiverRats Away Loss 51-32
June 14 Erie RiverRats Home Won 66-26
June 23 Baltimore Mariners Away Won 47-38
July 3 Erie RiverRats(Playoffs) Home Won 67-57

2009 Season ScheduleEdit

Date Opponent Home/Away Result
March 13 D.C. Armor Home Won 51-28
March 22 Baltimore Mariners Away Loss 59-49
March 28 South Carolina Force Home Won 47-27
April 4 D.C. Armor Away Won 39-19
April 11 Erie RiverRats Home Won 47-13
April 18 Baltimore Mariners Home Loss 40-36
April 26 Erie RiverRats Away Won 66-48
May 2 Florence Phantoms Away Won 66-55
May 9 Fayetteville Guard Home Won 63-53
May 17 Harrisburg Stampede Home Won 44-6
May 23 D.C. Armor Away Won 51-35
May 30 Fayetteville Guard Away Loss 57-53
June 13 Erie RiverRats Home Won 45-27
June 27 Harrisburg Stampede Away Won 41-19
July 2 Baltimore Mariners (Playoffs) Home Won 50-20
July 13 Columbus Lions (Playoffs) Away Won 60-51
July 26 Wyoming Calvary (AIFA Championship Bowl III) Away Won 65-42

2011 Season ScheduleEdit

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